Creek Video & Water Qual.


Coldstream Creek Video

Every spring or late winter (depending on freeze thaw weather that year), when the first snows melt form the lower reaches of Coldstream Creek, the water quality in the creek gets alarmingly bad.  This video is taken in early March 2011.  Water Sample data from two independent sources confirms the fact that E.coli and Fecal Coliforms are present in alarming concentrations.

Note that this creek is a fish bearing creek that provided 80 % of the fresh water intake into Kalamalka Lake - with the mouth of the creek entering Kal Lake a few hundred meters from the fresh water intake pipe for the Greater Vernon Water Utility Kal Lake Source. This intake provides 80% of the drinking water for all of Greater Vernon.

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Water Sample Source             Total Coliforms (CFU/100mL)       Fecal Coliforms (CFU/100mL)


Coldstream Creek                                 1760                                          290

(at Creekside Dog Park)

Kirkland Bridge                                       2500                                         1100

Lagoon Outflow                                      1456                                           200

Kal Lake Pier                                             325                                           20

Sample Data given below was taken at the bridge intersection of Coldstream Creek with Quirk Drive ( above Creekside Park, dog park) on March 13th, 2011.

Analysis Below is for Coldstream Creek Water Quality Samples collected March 22nd, 2011 by Okangan College prof. and analyzed by students March 24th, 2011.